La Palma Ecotourism is a 1-day ecotourism experience with two professional and passionate guides. You will be taken to discover the mountains and sea of the youngest land in Spain: Fuencaliente!
You’ll ride an electric bike, or walk downhill on the lava paths, and at the end, you’ll dive snorkeling in the magnificent backdrops of La Palma!
La Palma Ecotourism = E-bike / Trekking + Snorkeling: can you imagine it?

La Palma Ecotourism Experience includes:

  • A 2 and a half-hour excursion with a certified tourist guide on foot or with an e-bike;
  • 1-hour dive with a certified instructor. Supplied: mask, tube, fins and wetsuits of minimum 5mm thickness of high quality.
  • Transfer service to return to the starting point included (if you prefer you can do it by bicycle).

La Palma Ecotourism excursion is for everyone, as long as with a minimum of training and in good health.

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La Palma Ecotourism Excursion begins in Los Canarios, in the municipality of Fuencaliente. You will go into its pine forests by bicycle or on foot, climbing to more than 800 meters above sea level: you will observe the village and the crater of the San Antonio Volcano from above. You will smell the scent of Canarian pine and the breeze of the trade winds.
La Palma Ecotourism route is simple, suitable for everyone and with an incredible view of the Atlantic ocean.

Afterwards, you will descend at an altitude of 500m towards the Teneguía Volcano through the famous vineyards that grow at the ground level and which give life to the famous Malvasia sweet wine and other varieties of La Palma wines.

La Palma Ecotourism path will instead be all downhill, walking on the lapilli grains that cover the entire landscape. You will approach the protected Natural Monument of the Teneguía volcano and get to know the history of its eruption in 1971: the last underwater eruption in Spain that gave shape to a lunar landscape to be discovered!

Once you reach the sea you will wear fins, mask and snorkel (and wetsuits so that the experience is as pleasant as possible) to go and explore the seabed created by lava in the company of an Italian PADI instructor.
Without any effort, we will immerse ourselves in a new world made of curious and colourful marine species!

E-bike / Trekking + Snorkeling = Ecotourism La Palma!

Book the excursion now, we are waiting for you!

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