The stargazing night takes place every Tuesday and Friday at approximately 9:00 PM (time may change depending on the season).
The astronomical tour lasts about one hour and a half and ends with a short night photoshoot.

Book the night observation of the stars of La Palma together with a professional astronomer!

What will you see? You’ll be guided to recognize and observe the most famous constellations, the rings of Saturn, the craters of the Moon, the North Star and the most fascinating celestial objects with a professional telescope and an official Starlight tour guide!
The island of La Palma is a Starlight Reserve, and easily the best place in the northern hemisphere to observe the stars.

Go stargazing in La Palma!

NOTE: The astronomical excursion does not take place on the full moon nights and when the sky is not clear.

Children 3-12 pay €20



Stargazing on La Palma is one of the favourite activities by tourists.
You may be wondering why should you come and watch the stars in La Palma.
La Palma has been recognized as a “Starlight tourist destination” as early as 2012.
What does it mean? It is a set of rules designed to guarantee the visitor the ability to adequately enjoy the vision of the stars and to know the related scientific, cultural, natural and landscape values.

Stargazing is an experience not to be missed because the sky of La Palma is one of the ten best and clearest skies on planet Earth. A truly unforgettable show!

Observation of the stars

The island of La Palma was one of the first places in the world to apply the “sky law“, a 1988 law designed to protect the quality of the sky to allow astronomical observations to be carried out in the best possible way: low light, air and light pollution. radio and protection of the island against contamination of the respiratory tract.

On April 20, 2007, the World Declaration for the Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to Star Gaze has been signed in La Palma: the “La Palma Starlight Declaration“.

The island of La Palma is the first Starlight Reserve in the world!


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