(with a certificated guide of the Government of the Canary Islands):

Discovering one of the most fascinating areas of the island, between lava, craters, vineyards, lighthouses and salt flats, always looking at the ocean and the islands of La Gomera and El Hierro.


DURATION: +/- 3 hours 

DIFFICULTY: easy (downhill)

DISTANCE: 9 kilometers


Minimum age 10 years, good physical condition is required

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Volcanic action is the main cause of the formation of the island of La Palma, which, together with El Hierro, is the youngest in the Canary archipelago. We will learn about the last volcanic episodes of the island, which has faced 7 eruptions in the last 500 years, the last of which occurred in 1971 with the Teneguía Volcano and shaping the youngest earth in all of Spain.

Walking between lava and vineyards we will discover the reason why this land, called Fuencaliente, was so well known in the past to the point that people from different parts of the world traveled to this remote part of the Canary Islands to treat their diseases.

We will tell the story of its widely appreciated vineyards, that give life to the famous sweet Malvasia; We will talk about the aborigines of the island, the Auaritas, visiting a place sacred to them, the Roque Teneguía and we will finish the tour in one of the most spectacular places on the island: the area of ​​scientific interest of the Salinas de Fuencaliente (salt flats). Here we will be able to taste one of the best palmerian wines and take a pack of the famous Flor de Sal (delicious crystals of sea salt).


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