Who we are


Get to know La Palma Natural up close, the people who work and our philosophy

La Palma Natural is born of love, which the founder of the company Federica has always felt towards this magical island. A place that has become her home and that fall in love with thousands of tourists who visit it every day. We want that the tourists who visit La Palma immerse deeply themselves in the wonders of this place and that is why we passionately offer our on-site support and advices before the trip.

Today La Palma Natural is not just Federica, it has been joined by Gianluca, Giulia, Luca, Stefania, Stefano and other local guides who work offering what everyone feels for this place: deep respect and gratitude.
All connected with Italy but from different origins and cultures who have chosen to live on La Palma, helping to create the multiculturalism that has always distinguished the Canary Islands, passing on their knowledge and professionalism to make your trip unforgettable.

Our excursions on the island aim to bring you as close as possible to the essence of the place. For us it is not just about teaching and showing its beauties. We want you to "feel" the soul of this island through its landscapes, traditions, folklore, gastronomy, and the character of the palmeros.
Our ethics is to consume local products and services, our suppliers are all local and we make donations to the people affected by the volcanic catastrophe thanks to you, who choose us every day for your holidays in La Palma. Thank you!