Astro Tourism La Palma Stargazing Tour to Watch the Stars


Discover the secrets of the sky with an astronomer


Choose your AstroTourism Experience in La Palma, Canary Islands. Stargazing from one of the many astronomical viewpoints on the island is one of those experiences that you just can't miss for anything in the world. We can assure you: you will never see the stars like you will see them in La Palma again.


For person
to see the stars IN EL PASO - llano del jaBle o de las ventas


Book a night stargazing in english with an official Starlight tour guide.
A 1.5 hour tour to get to know the sky from one of the best viewing spots in the world!

From €250

vip tour


Are you a group and want a private observation in english with an astronomer? Are you a couple and want to treat yourself to a special gift? Request a customized tour that suits your needs.


For person
to see the stars IN THE NORTH OF THE ISLAND - las tricias


Book a night stargazing with an official Spanish-speaking Starlight tour guide.
A 2-hour tour to learn about the sky from one of the best viewing spots in the world!


A visit to one of the astronomical observatories is a visit that takes place only during the day. A 90 minute tour. Book your experience in spanish.

Astro Tourism La Palma Stargazing Tour to Watch the Stars!

What is Astro Tourism? Easy said, Astro Tourism is a kind of ecological tourism dedicated to stargazing.
La Palma is one of the best certified places for stargazing in the world!
What do we offer?
We offer a night observation of the stars and the sky of La Palma with an astronomical professional guide.
Astro Tourism Stargazing Night activity includes a nice introduction about the sky in La Palma.
Your Astro guide will say where and what to watch, both with your own eyes and with a handy professional telescope.
Depending on the sky conditions, you can easily see the moon craters or the Saturn Rings, the Milky Way or look at your favourite constellation!

Astroturismo La Palma Osservazione Astronomica delle Stelle

La Palma Stargazing Guided Tours

What could be more romantic than watching the stars?
Do you know that La Palma is one of the best astronomical places in the world?
Would you like to discover the sky wonders of La Palma?
Astro Tourism La Palma Stargazing Tour to Watch the Stars is an enchanting evening tour to the best places in La Palma where to stargaze.
During the Stargazing Tour you can watch deep sky objects, visible planets and the Moon, through a powerful handy telescope.
A qualified Starlight Guide and Astronomer will guide you in a fascinating journey through the sky and will help you to stargaze at the most popular constellations, the planets, the galaxies, Venus and the Pole Star.
Moreover, there will be a gift for you: you can take a piece of La Palma sky with you!
After the stargazing, we will make some photos of the sky and the stars with a professional camera to bring with you. An unforgettable souvenir of your La Palma Stargazing Tour!

Astrotour La Palma Granteca Observatory, Roque Los Muchachos

La Palma is a Unesco Starlight Tourist Destination

The island of La Palma is Starlight Tourist Destination since 2007.
Starlight Tourist Destinations are locations with ideal conditions for observing the stars and where light pollution is controlled.
This makes them perfect destinations for tourism based on the appreciation of the sky as part of the natural world.
The Startlight initiative was promoted by La Palma Biosphere Worldwide Reserve.
Startlight is a UNESCO international initiative, advocating for the quality of the night sky as a scientific, cultural and environmental right of humanity.
Its main goal is the preservation and restoration of the visual space allowing us to get light from the stars.


"If the stars, instead of constantly shining above our heads, were visible only from a particular place on the planet, everyone would want to go there to watch the show."
Margherita Hack